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A little about us…

Based in a little barn in rural Hampshire, Canvas produce video and animation content to help ethical and meaningful organisations, charities and brands reach their audience effectively. We’re a small team with a background in TV, animation and branded content with a mission to produce high-quality original, effective and engaging online video content.

We provide a full end-to-end video production service, from documentaries, branded-content and promotional films to animation, event coverage and social media content. We take care of every step of the production process from conception to delivery, putting special emphasis on planning and pre-production. Before we even hit the record button we want to make sure we have thoughtfully researched and planned content which is tailored to your outcomes.

Why we’re different

We believe all projects should start with the viewer. Our background is in TV production, we know what it takes to engage and draw a weekly audience of several millions. How do we do it? We spend time understanding the audience, what makes them tick, what they want to get out of a video, how and where they watch it. We take the time to understand your audience and create something uniquely tailored to them, after all, we’re all going to engage with something that resonates with us.

“We spend time understanding the audience, what makes them tick, what they want to get out of the video, how and where they watch it.”

Why we’re here

We like to share the love. We believe making great videos and amazing content comes from having a happy team who are treated well and paid fairly. We also believe in the power of video to make a powerful difference, which is why we love working with ethically minded organisations and charities.

Full Service Production

At Canvas we offer a full video production service, that means we can cover all aspects of digital video production from conception to delivery. We film branded content, events, corporate videos, training videos, we make animations, crowd funding films, promotional films, customer profile films, social media films and we also help you make films, we offer great training sessions to help you produce cost effective content yourselves.

You set the budget

We can tailor a video to fit your budget. From sending a one-man-band, to a crew of 20 with cranes and drones, our mission is to produce as high a quality video as possible within your budget. We use a cost-effective business model, adopted from our time in broadcasting to ensure more of your budget goes on-screen. And our extensive network of freelancers lets us pair up the best talent for your project needs.

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